Burlington Mazda


At Leggat Mazda in Burlington, Ontario, you will find a dedicated team of technicians and service advisors that are here to help you make sure that your Mazda vehicle continues to operate in perfect condition.


Leggat Mazda offers you a wide range of services including maintenance, repairs, and genuine Mazda parts and accessories. Regardless of your needs, we have you covered at Leggat Mazda. Our team of trained technicians knows everything there is to know about your Mazda vehicle, and they will work diligently to preserve its safety and reliability.

We will take the time to answer all of your questions, and most importantly, our technical advisors will explain to you in detail the work we will do on your vehicle. The objective is to ensure that there are no surprises and that you know exactly what work will be done to your vehicle.

Here are just a few of the Mazda services you receive at Leggat Mazda:

Complete Service: At Leggat Mazda Burlington, we offer professional service along with suggestions on ways to keep your Mazda vehicle running smoothly. Our service department utilizes state-of-the-art machinery and technological advancements, making the process more efficient, accurate and comprehensive.

Specialized Focus on Mazda Vehicles: Our service technicians are well-versed in repairing and maintaining all Mazda models. We have some of the most trained and knowledgeable staff in the region. No matter the issue, our service technicians are up to the task.

Available service loaners: At Burlington Mazda, customers have access to service loaners to ensure that their daily routine is not disrupted during their car service.

Complimentary shuttle service: In addition to service loaners, Burlington Mazda also offers complimentary shuttle service to transport customers to and from their destinations while their vehicle is being serviced. Lounge with Wi-Fi, food & beverages: While waiting for their vehicle, customers can relax in the lounge, which features Wi-Fi, food, and beverages.

Trained & experienced advisors: The service advisors at Burlington Mazda are trained and experienced professionals who provide excellent customer service and advice on car service options. Mazda certified factory trained technicians: The technicians at Burlington Mazda are Mazda certified and factory trained, ensuring that they have the knowledge and expertise required to service Mazda vehicles to the highest standard.

Genuine Mazda parts: Burlington Mazda uses genuine Mazda parts to ensure that each vehicle receives the best quality components available.

Complimentary car wash: After servicing, each vehicle receives a complimentary car wash, leaving it looking and feeling fresh.

While you wait service: For smaller jobs, Burlington Mazda offers while you wait service, allowing customers to get back on the road quickly.

Tire storage: For seasonal tire changes, Burlington Mazda offers tire storage to ensure that customers' tires are kept safe and secure when not in use.

Strict processes & controls: Burlington Mazda has strict processes and controls in place to provide a top-tier experience for customers, ensuring that every aspect of the service is of the highest quality.

Service videos: Burlington Mazda provides customers with service videos, which are personalized videos that showcase the condition of their vehicle and the work that needs to be done. This helps customers make informed decisions about their car service and ensures transparency throughout the process.

Book a service appointment online or by calling us at 905-333-0595.


We offer extended hours from Monday to Friday and are open on Saturdays, and take every step in ensuring customer care by providing our customers with superior Mazda service, competitive pricing and a friendly and courteous staff who takes pride in our vehicles.

We also have on site Seasonal Tire Storage for your winter/summer rims and tires.

Contact us today or stop by our dealership to learn more about our quality service for Burlington drivers!