Manufacturers love promoting their exclusive technologies, and Mazda is no different. That said, when it comes to standing out on the tech front, Mazda seems to have a clear advantage.

With exclusive features like the all-new G-Vectoring control system, Mazda has no trouble standing out. However, at the heart of Mazda’s renaissance is SKYACTIV technology.

SKYACTIV is more than just one system, it’s a philosophy

To understand what SKYACTIV is, you have to understand the mission and philosophy behind it. As you may know, Mazda vehicles have always stood out in the industry for offering some of the most dynamic and sporty vehicles in their price range. That’s key to Mazda’s success, and a major reason why Mazda owners are very loyal.

On the other hand, everyone wants to save on fuel costs, and fuel-efficient vehicles are the norm nowadays. So, Mazda decided to develop a technology that takes the vehicle’s major mechanical components and tweaks them to ensure that their performance is optimized.

In other words, SKYACTIV engulfs improvements made to the engine, transmission, body and chassis. The engine has been improved for reduced internal friction, the exhaust system has been tuned so that air circulates more freely, the gearboxes are lighter and more compact, the chassis is also lighter and stiffer, and the body wraps everything in a package that is, once again, lighter.

Therefore, you have reduced weight all around, and your engine and transmission work more efficiently. The end result is that you keep the performance that Mazda owners love so much, but you also get improved fuel economy, thanks to the weight savings and more efficient mechanics.

It’s a rather simple theory, and it works as Mazda new vehicles are among the most fuel-efficient in their respective classes.